Samsung Level U Wireless Neckband - Bronze

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  • Samsung UHQA Studio Sound
  • Two-way Speaker Units
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Sound Quality

The sound quality of the headphones is pretty amazing however it is pretty evident that the sound quality on the Level U pro is way much better than the Sound Quality on the Level U.

The Level U pro has a way much better seal which implies that it comes with an excellent noise cancellation giving an excellent music quality. The Level U, on the other hand, allows external noise to seep in while music is being played and definitely does not give as good a noise cancellation as in the case of the Pro.

The headphones have the volume controls on the neckband and the connectivity with the Level U Pro is much easier in comparison to the Level U. You can easily say that the Level U pro has enhanced sound quality and connectivity features in comparison to the Samsung Level U.


Both the headphones are comfortable and the neckband is extremely light. They are really comfortable to wear in the gym, although you may not want to go out running wearing them. The earbuds on the Level U Pro was much more comfortable for me because they fit perfectly.

Since these are not exactly- Sports Bluetooth headphones, you should consider using them for just one or two-hour gym workout sessions especially the  Level U headphones since they are not completely waterproof.

These headphones are overall comfortable to wear, with the winner being the Level U pro as it is undoubtedly more comfortable and waterproof making it more suitable for gym and workout sessions.


The headphones have lasted really long for many users. You can easily use these headphones for around 2 years, however, you might want to take care of them and minimum maintenance is required. If you plan on using them and tossing them in your gym bag then they might not last even a year.

Samsung Level U pro headphones are waterproof and sweatproof. Yes, this implies they can stand water but they are not recommended for swimming. So, using them for gym sessions would be perfect. On the other hand, the Level U headphones are neither sweat nor water resistant which means they are just good for listening to songs and taking up calls.

You cannot use the Level U headphones for gym sessions because of them not being waterproof hence making the Level U Pro the clear winner in this feature as well.

Battery Life

The battery life on the Level U headphones is around 11 hours. This is an amazing battery life and it can easily last you the entire day. You can even use it for days without charging it at all. The battery life on these headphones are perfect for long-term usage and you can use them for work to take up calls.

Level U Pro headphones, on the other hand, lasts for around 9 hours and they are pretty good as well. When compared, the Level U headphones do have a better battery life but you cannot ignore the fact that the Level U headphones are sweat and water resistant.

The battery life on both the headphones is pretty amazing and way above the usual standards but if a winner has to be declared then it has to be the Level U  headphones with 11 hours battery life.



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1 x Samsung Level U Wireless Neckband - Bronze
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