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Dany Car Mobile Holder - Golden

7 days


List price: Rs.550
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Dimension: 13.1 x 5.4 x 12.9cm
  • Multiple Viewing Angle: Yes
  • Press to Lock: Yes
  • High Flexibility: Yes
  • Safe & Stable: Yes
  • Compatible with: All Smartphones


Dany Gravity Mobile Holder - GH50

Dany introduces Gravity Holder to ensure your travelling becomes as easy as possible. It is stylish and has a smooth grip. Fits easily and suitable for every mobile. Enjoy using cellphones while driving without hurdles. This remarable gravity holder comes under 1 year warranty.

Multiple Viewing Angle:

A ball joint allows you freely adjust to get the most comfortable viewing angles. Universal phone compatibility.

Press to Lock:

A reserved port enables you to easily install the mount on air ven. Press to securely install.Lengthened clip enhances universality. Air vent mount mobile holder.

Auto Lock:

Unique gravity linkage design enables you to keep your phone simply in place and provides ease of use. Auto lock according to mobile size.

Wide Compatibility:

It supports most of the smartphones with width between 57mm to 83mm. High flexibility and firm and safe grip.

Safe and Stable:

The support and arms firm a most stable triangle structure that securely holds your phone even during quick turns and speed bumps.



More Information

  • Gold
7 Days Replacement Only

product information

  • Universal

What is in the Box?

> :
1 x Dany Gravity Mobile Holder - GH50


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